Newborn Babies Handprints A Keepsake

Newborn Babies’ Handprints--A Keepsake

Newborn babies’ handprints, if properly preserved, can be a wonderful keepsake item. There is nothing quite like those tiny newborn hands. Parents marvel at those little fingers for hours in amazement. It does not take long, however, for those tiny curled fingers to be reaching for everything in sight, attached to a toddler who is more of a kid and less of baby. Parents still have their memories of those tiny hands, but it can be hard to believe the child was ever that small.

Those who take and preserve newborn babies’ handprints, however, have a lasting proof of that special time and a wonderful artifact to which they can return repeatedly as a reminder. There are many ways to take newborn babies’ handprints, but it really does not matter if you do an ink print, a simple imprint or a full casting, so long as you are able to create that wonderful embodiment of memory. It's less about the methodology used than it is about creating a lasting record of your child at that given moment.

Newborn babies’ handprints can be taken and saved using any one of many readily available kits. Some are expensive; others are quite affordable (under ten dollars). These kits make a great gift for parents who might be so caught up in the practical considerations of the new baby’s arrival that they have overlooked more sentimental gift ideas. Giving parents a chance to create a permanent reminder of their tiny newborn babies’ handprints is a wonderful idea. It is a gift with long-term value and a sense of heart too often absent in other newborn gift ideas.

Parents can choose to display the pints in any number of ways. They may frame an imprint and place it on the child’s wall. They might carefully place an ink print into a protective sleeve in a scrapbook. There are a seemingly infinite number of ways to collect and store a record of a newborn babies’ handprints. The important thing is that the parents and, eventually, the child can take a look back at just how small they once were. That reminiscence is bound to bring a collection of wonderful memories to the surface for the parents and will give the child a chance to marvel at their growth.

Whether you are a parent looking for a tangible means of remembering a very special time or a friend or family member searching for a wonderful baby gift, you should consider a kit designed to capture newborn babies’ handprints. It is an amazingly cost effective means of creating a truly fantastic heirloom item. What else can you do for well under twenty dollars that will bring a smile to your face and warm memories to mind for the rest of your life?

Babies are miraculous. It’s impossible not to look at them and to marvel at just how small, yet complete, those tiny people are. Unfortunately, our opportunity to do that is limited. Children grow up so quickly and today’s tiny hand will belong to tomorrow’s NFL defensive lineman! Handprints are a great way of preserving that wonderful, yet transitory, moment and can become a cherished family heirloom.

There is nothing quite like marveling at newborn babies’ handprints, even long after the child has grown.


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